Vesterålen Havbruk

Vesterålen Havbruk is a pioneer in live storage of cod. The company is currently developing a process for enzymatic hydrolysis of white cod cut-offs, aiming for 100% utilization of the fish.

In SFI-IB, Vesterålen Havbruk is focused in solutions for improved fragrance and flavour of cod protein hydrolysates and development of cod collagen extraction processes. The SFI-IB will be important for succeeding with the planned developments in the company.

While securing access to fish by live storage, there is a great potential for better utilization and higher-value products from all parts of the fish. Optimization of organoleptic qualities, new products (collagen), product quality and benchmarking are areas of interest within SFI-IB. Also, synergies between the industrial partners are important for Vesterålen havbruk

Vesterålen Havbruk is an industry partner in the project. 


Vesterålen Havbruk AS
Havnegata 37
8430 Myhre


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