SFI IB Annual meeting 2022

How to make new medicines, processing of biomass using enzymes and new export opportunities were among the topics for this year’s SFI Industrial Biotechnology Annual conference.

The conference was held at NMBU – Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 23-24 November 2022. More than 65 participants attended.

The agenda for the two days was to give a status for the research centre, planning of next year’s activities, and to discuss collaboration and synergies between the SFI-IB partners.

Rector at NMBU, Curt Rice

Rector at NMBU, Curt Rice, opened the conference.
Photo: NMBU/Tommy Normann

The partners use industrial biotechnology in the development of new medicines, and to generate new products from biorefining of marine and land-based biomass and from carbon capture and utilization of industrial gasses. 16 companies and four research institutions and several PhD students are linked to the center. See an overview of the SFI IB’s partners.

SFI-IBs main goals

The primary objective for the SFI is to become a key instrument for moving Norway towards a more prominent international position within industrial biotechnology.

The SFI and its partner will do this by delivering tools and key technology for several areas of national importance and with societal, environmental and economic impact. Areas of focus are land-based biomass, bio-based chemicals and plastics, new medicines, marine biomass, aquaculture, carbon capture and utilization, future food and sustainable food and feed ingredients.

– Investing in biotechnology is investing in the future. Developing new technologies and increasing knowledge is vital for meeting the green shift, preparing for challenges and to contribute to new and advanced products and processes, said Renate Margrete Simonsen from The Research Council of Norway.

– The center has partners that are in the forefront of research within the field and the collaboration between universities, institutes and companies contributes to both cutting edge research and a focus on application. My impression is that this center is part of the future and I look forward to seeing all the new talent, research results and products that will emerge in the years to come.

Interested audience listens to the speakers.
Photo: NMBU/Tommy Normann

Professor at NMBU Vincent Eijsink informed about how new enzymes have an important role in the development of biorefining of land-based marine biomass. Photo: NMBU/Tommy Normann

Highly relevant topics for the society and environment

On the conference the participants could hear recent updates from the research, about the challenges and opportunities connected to development of new processes and industry based on Industrial biotechnology. Several of the centre companies presented their technologies, products, recent innovations and plans for future development.  

The Centre director summarises the conference as follows:

– Two good and motivating days, in an excellent hosted meeting by NMBU, with good presentations, discussion and interaction between industry, scientist and young researchers. The focus, topics and expected achievements of the center is highly relevant for the societal, and environmental challenges we are facing right now, and the need to create new export oriented bioindustry in Norway.

Centre manager, Håvard Sletta, present the status of the year for SFI IB.

Videos from the conference

Jarred Lee Knapp, Research and Development Director at Nutrimar.

Lilly Amore, senior R&D scientist at Biocatalyst.

Jostein Malmø, Chief Scientific Officer at Vectron Biosolutions.

Bjørn Brudeseth, Phd at Pharmaq.

Antonia Areali, Phd student at NTNU, talks about the Young Investigator Forum.


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