Techno-economic, LCA and sustainability toolbox  

Project No.6

The SFI IB has a strong bioprocess focus aiming of making new/improved products from different biomasses using microorganisms and enzymes.

Industrial biotechnology will be important for establishment of new cost-efficient green processes needed for a future sustainable bioeconomy. However it’s important to get this development guided and assisted by Techno-economical analyses coupled to process modelling as tools for understanding process limitations and costs.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology is important to determine the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifetime, from sourcing the raw materials, the production process, through use until disposal or re-use.

In SFI-IB, we will establish a generic toolbox for the aforementioned analyses, and use industry relevant cases coupled to the SFI-IB industrial partners processes/interest to demonstrate the established tools and methods.


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