Gas value chain – gas production and gas to product 

Project No.5

The development of bioprocesses based on the utilisation of gaseous feedstocks is currently attracting huge interest nationally and internationally. The opportunity to make products from gaseous products is directly coupled to global needs for new solutions for future supply of feed, bio-based chemicals, biopolymers, biomaterials and energy that is not fossil based. It is directly coupled to strategies for carbon capture.

In the SFI-IB, we aim at generating a better understanding of the relevant microbial strains, design of optimum reactors, tools for process control and monitoring, kinetic and reactor modelling. The successful scaling up of the processes also relies on understanding of the limitations and bottlenecks in large scale reactors through modelling of both kinetics and mass transfer.

The use of different gas sources, their availability and the requirements to meet regulations and safety concerns linked to the utilisation of potentially toxic of explosive gas mixes, will be mapped out to develop appropriate control systems, sensors and technology.

This sub project will also focus on novel concepts and alternative feedstocs for biogass production.


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