Enzyme discovery and production tools 

Project No.3

Enzymes are dominant players in biotechnological processes. The present industrial applications of enzymes and their highly diversified markets are the result of a rapid development of modern biotechnology.

This is a growing field that relies on the discovery of new enzymes, improvement of existing enzymes, adequate production methods, and extensive screening of microbes and enzyme variants to meet quality and economic requirements for new applications.

Enzymes and their diverse applications in Industrial Biotechnology comprise one of the dominant interests of the SFI-IB’s industrial partners.

Through this project, the SFI-IB team will combine discovery of new enzymes and improvement of existing biocatalysts for improved processing of underused feedstocks, product tailoring and upgrading, and biomass processing.

Furthermore, this project focus on development of efficient expression systems and optimization of production (fermentation) processes, including downstream processing and product benchmarking.


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