SFI IB Annual meeting 2022

SFI IB Annual meeting 2022 How to make new medicines, processing of biomass using enzymes and new export opportunities were among the topics for this year’s SFI Industrial Biotechnology Annual conference. The conference was held at NMBU – Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 23-24 November 2022. More than 65 participants attended. The agenda for the […]

SFI IB Annual meeting 2021

SFI IB Annual meeting 2021 Vaccines for fish, seaweed refinement and biogas were among the topics during the first SFI Industrial Biotechnology Centre Annual conference December 1st-2nd. The activity in the Centre was started in December 2020 during a globally challenging Covid-19 situation. The Annual meeting in Trondheim in December 2021 was the first time […]

Project 7

Digitalization and automation in industrial biotechnology processes   Project No.7 The use of big data, bioprocess automation and machine learning methodologies hold much promise in advancing bioprocess development, optimization, and execution. In this sub project we aim to achieve this by 1) increasing the availability of online information of the bioprocess, 2) developing a digital framework to […]

Project 6

Techno-economic, LCA and sustainability toolbox   Project No.6 The SFI IB has a strong bioprocess focus aiming of making new/improved products from different biomasses using microorganisms and enzymes. Industrial biotechnology will be important for establishment of new cost-efficient green processes needed for a future sustainable bioeconomy. However it’s important to get this development guided and assisted […]

Project 5

Gas value chain – gas production and gas to product  Project No.5 The development of bioprocesses based on the utilisation of gaseous feedstocks is currently attracting huge interest nationally and internationally. The opportunity to make products from gaseous products is directly coupled to global needs for new solutions for future supply of feed, bio-based chemicals, […]

Project 4

Food residues processing and upgrading using enzymes and microorganisms  Project No.4 Food by-products or residue materials from the side streams of the meat, dairy, agriculture, aquaculture and fishery industries, constitute large-volume feedstocks available for valorization into new feed and food ingredients. The SFI-IB industrial partners take great interest in the development of tailored enzymes for […]

Project 3

Enzyme discovery and production tools  Project No.3 Enzymes are dominant players in biotechnological processes. The present industrial applications of enzymes and their highly diversified markets are the result of a rapid development of modern biotechnology. This is a growing field that relies on the discovery of new enzymes, improvement of existing enzymes, adequate production methods, […]

Project 1

Microbial cell factories for Pharmaceuticals, Biopolymers and High Value Products Project No.1 Optimisation of microorganisms to be used industrially is a prerequisite for process economics and quality of the produced product. The main objective for this SUB-project is to develop new and improved microbial strains for targeted direct application (e.g., live vaccines) and host systems, […]

Project 2

New products from seaweed  Project No.2 The international and national seaweed industry is growing rapidly. The growth is driven by a global need for finding new and sustainable solutions for food and feed ingredients, biobased chemicals, polymers and biomaterials. The main goal of this project is to process macroalgae biomass for obtaining high yields of […]


Tine The TINE Group is one of Norway’s largest food companies and is a full-scale supplier of dairy products. TINE SA is Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products with 11,400 members (owners) and 9,000 cooperative farms. Their goal is to provide the consumers with food that ensured a healthier and positive food […]