Xellia Pharmaceuticals

Xellia Pharmaceuticals Xellia Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on providing important anti-infective treatments against serious and often life-threatening infections. Xellia Pharmaceuticals (Xellia) is and intends to remain a main player in the global supply of life-saving antibiotics. In order to obtain this, Xellia Pharmaceutical’s API R&D focus has been, is and will remain to […]

Vesterålen Havbruk

Vesterålen Havbruk Vesterålen Havbruk is a pioneer in live storage of cod. The company is currently developing a process for enzymatic hydrolysis of white cod cut-offs, aiming for 100% utilization of the fish. In SFI-IB, Vesterålen Havbruk is focused in solutions for improved fragrance and flavour of cod protein hydrolysates and development of cod collagen […]

Vectron Biosolutions

Vectron Biosolutions Vectron Biosolutions offers proprietary technology for controlled expression of recombinant proteins in E. coli. Vectron Biosolutions technology is based on a flexible and tuneable expression system which is also applicable in alternative bacterial hosts. Additionally, Vectron Biosolutions is developing novel solutions for increasing solubility of target proteins. In the SFI-IB, Vectron Biosolutions will continue […]

The Eyde Cluster

The Eyde Cluster The Eyde Cluster is the Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) for Sustainable Process Industry, working for the transition towards a sustainable future. The Eyde Cluster is the Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) for Sustainable Process Industry, working for the transition towards a sustainable future. The cluster is owned by industries producing metals, […]


Skretting Skretting AS is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of aquaculture feeds to fish and shrimp. Being part of the Nutreco group Skretting and Trouw nutrition address animal nutrition in the land based, as well as the aqua segments, and are represented in more than 90 countries. In the later years, nutritional […]


SecondCircle SecondCircle offers green biotech solutions for CO2 recycling. The company is commercializing a platform for capturing and converting CO2 fromindustrial emissions (CCU). The platform is based on bacteria growing at elevated temperatures. SecondCircle’s foundation are significant achievements from many years of academic research on non-conventional bacterial strains.  Within the SFI-IB, SecondCircle will focus on bio-process development coupled with […]


RENEVO AS RENEVO AS delivers natural gas to industry, public buildingsand transport. RENEVO is establishing a biogas reactor facility based on Antec technology at Stord, using waste streams of fish (ensilage, manure, by-products) and animal manure. Also, RENEVO is planning an R&D facility for biogas pilot tests (including teaching facilities). Expected future innovations – supported […]


PHARMAQ AS PHARMAQ AS, part of Zoetis, is a world leading company within fish vaccines and innovations for the aquaculture industry. Pharmaq develops and manufactures vaccines against bacterial and viral agents for salmonid fish and several other species. Production facilities, administration and research and development activities are based in Norway with subsidiaries in Chile, United […]

Nutrimar AS

Nutrimar AS Nutrimar AS (Nutrimar) is a Norwegian biomarine company that is directly coupled to InnovaMar, one of the largest and most efficient salmon processing plant in the world. Nutrimar’s product portfolio is derived from salmon-and-chicken by-product as well as harvesting of fresh kelp. End products are oil, meal and spray dried hydrolysate, while the […]


NTNU NTNU is a university with an international focus, with headquarters in Trondheim and campuses in Ålesund and Gjøvik. NTNU has a main profile in science and technology, a variety of programmes of professional study, and great academic breadth that also includes the humanities, social sciences, economics, medicine, health sciences, educational science, architecture, entrepreneurship, art […]