A research-based innovation centre aiming to boost the competitiveness of the Norwegian biotech industry


SFI Industrial Biotechnology aims to move Norway towards a more prominent international position within industrial biotechnology.

The objective is increased competitiveness for the Norwegian biotech-based industry and provision of innovations with a large national and international market potential.

What is industrial biotechnology?

Industrial biotechnology is the industrial application of modern biotechnological methods, enzymes and microorganisms for the production of a diverse range of commodities.

Examples include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and feed ingredients, detergents, textiles, energy and materials. 

Industrial biotechnology is globally anticipated to become a major driver for establishing a much needed sustainable bioeconomy.

SFI IB contributions

SFI IB will develop new knowledge, technology and innovations that will contribute to build-up of national competence of substantial long-term value for the Norwegian biotech industry.

This transfers to market value as it adds research capacity to a diverse range of companies that make up the SFI.

The establishment of skillful nationally concerted researcher training and educational programs in industrial biotechnology, is also an important SFI IB contribution in the project period.

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